Great Wealth Poor Health

Contemporary Issues in Eating and Living

Author: David Farrell


The purpose of this book is to introduce current issues relating to the environment, nutrition, food, wellbeing and health in our society. Highlighting the role of wealth and “affluenza” leading to waste and poor eating habits and the influence of the food industry.

ISBN: 9781907284571
Binding: Paperback
Extent: 366 Pages
Year of Publication: 2010
Subjects: Medicine and Treatment of Disease, Science and Nature
Imprint: NUP


The purpose of this book is to introduce the reader to many of the current issues that relate to the environment, nutrition, food, wellbeing and health in our society. It highlights the role of wealth and “affluenza” leading to substantial waste and some unfortunate changes in our eating habits. The food industry has had a role in these changes. The book details simple guidelines that lead to a healthy lifestyle, and what we should avoid and what we should embrace in everyday living and eating. Should there be a tax on some undesirable foods and this used to subsidise healthy foods?

The book deals with a wide range of topics and could be seen as a mini encyclopaedia of nutrition and related health matters. Many topics covered are not found in similar books. This book questions the undue emphasis on saturated fat, cholesterol, prescribed drugs, weight-losing regimes and why most don’t work, to the benefits of daily exercise. It touches on issues not often mentioned, such as greed in the medical fraternity and the drug companies. Particular emphasis is given to the benefits of foods containing dietary fibre, the omega-3 fats, and the need to make up common nutrient shortfalls e.g. selenium because of nutrient deficiencies in the soil. Issues such as genetically modified foods and organic farming and organic food are dealt with in an even handed manner.

The approach has been to document fully statements and claims made. This book is different in content and layout from the standard, rather dry text book. The aim is to present the information in as straightforward and unambiguous terms as is possible without oversimplification. Statements, summaries and titillating comments, independent of the text, are highlighted and offset on page margins so the reader can easily pick these out. Tables are clearly presented. Many questions are raised about supermarket practices. For example, why are there so many choices of milk and milk products. Are all of these of benefit?


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