Natural Medicine for Horses

Home Remedies and Natural Healing

Author: Cornelia Wittek. Translated by John Kinory


Providing an A-Z reference of natural remedies found in gardens everywhere – including horsetail, ginger and medicinal mushrooms – this book shows how simple physical and behavioural complaints in the horse can be treated.

ISBN: 9781910455104
Binding: Paperback
Extent: 208 Pages
Year of Publication: 2016
Subjects: Animal Nutrition and Behaviour, Animals, Equine, Horses, Veterinary
Imprint: 5m Publishing


Healthy foods, supplements, preparations and remedies based on natural ingredients are increasingly promoted in human health, and can equally be used for your horse’s health. Ingredients such as yoghurt, ginger and buckwheat can promote general well-being and address specific concerns about equine conditions and ailments.

This books presents an essential A-Z reference guide to common natural medicinal recipes based on wild-growing and easily available flowers, fungi and herbs such as horsetail, chamomile and medicinal mushrooms. Explaining how they can be used and the potential benefits to your horse’s health. Around 80 natural products are covered, including recipes and preparations to make the remedy appealing to the horse or suitable for application and usage. The plant description, action, use and dosage are provided for each remedy, along with some additional veterinary advice.

Natural Medicine for Horse is not only a perfect guide for horse owners but a great book for natural remedy enthusiasts too.

Cornelia Wittek is a natural remedy practitioner who has been dealing for many decades with natural healing methods and remedies. As a horse rider and keeper, she applies her experience and knowledge successfully to horses and to people.


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