Shoulder of Mutton Field

The Retail Butcher's Trade in Camden

Author: Des Whyman


Charts the growth and structure of the retail butcher’s trade in Camden, from hawker to supermarket.

ISBN: 9781907284731
Binding: Paperback
Extent: 244 Pages
Year of Publication: 2010
Subjects: General Interest, Meat, Ruminants
Imprint: NUP


The history of the urban butcherÂ’s shop is comparatively modern, and whilst particular districts in the Borough of Camden created in 1965 may be unfamiliar to some readers, their growth followed similar patterns elsewhere. It is not possible to profile every butchers shop and therefore Kentish Town has been chosen as representing the development of the trade.

Since that era events have decreed otherwise, and this particular style of shopping for meat, together with employment opportunities afforded by the retail butchers trade, has almost passed into history. The contents do not purport to be a definitive record of any particular business, rather a readable account of facts and associated material. Within the reader I hope will be pleasantly surprised to discover there is more to the retail butchers trade than a striped apron and two lamb chops.


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