So You Want to Be a Vet

The Realities of Studying and Working in Veterinary Medicine

Author: Neil Paton


This book provides enlightenment about the ethical animal welfare and economic realities vets have to work with, in individual cases and as part of wider world issues which affect vets, such as disease outbreaks and public health.

ISBN: 9781910455081
Binding: Paperback
Extent: 240 Pages
Year of Publication: 2015
Subjects: Animals, General, Veterinary
Imprint: 5m Publishing


The publication of Alf Wight’s James Herriot books led to an upsurge in interest in the veterinary profession amongst the public and inspired many to study veterinary medicine. However the profession has changed markedly since those days with many more opportunities for people entering the veterinary field – such as job prospects in bioscience research, government work, specialisation in exotic animal medicine, animal welfare advisory work, international development work and a whole host of other career options. The landscape of the veterinary curriculum has also broadened considerably with topics like animal behaviour, ethics, business management, client communication, veterinary public health and clinical skills sitting alongside clinical veterinary medicine.

Authored by a Royal Veterinary College tutor with extensive experience within the veterinary profession and with teaching new students, this book provides a thorough explanation of what prospective students can expect to study at veterinary school, and discusses career options available to new graduates, as well as a useful overview of current issues in the wider veterinary profession, and an honest and thought-provoking discussion of what veterinary life is actually like.

So You Want to Be a Vet will be a useful resource and advisory guide to those considering entering veterinary school and following veterinary medicine as a career path. It will also be beneficial to qualified vets and agricultural students.


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