The Veterinary Book for Sheep Farmers

Author: David C Henderson - BVM&S NCA ARAgS MRCVS


This is a practical manual focusing on the needs of sheep farmers and shepherds with guidance for health care of the animal.

ISBN: 9781903366301
Binding: Hardback
Extent: 738 Pages
Year of Publication: 1990
Subjects: Animals, Ruminants, Veterinary
Imprint: Old Pond


This is a practical manual focusing principally on the needs of sheep farmers and shepherds in the United Kingdom but covering material applicable to sheep-farming situations worldwide. It should also be invaluable to agricultural and veterinary students as well as to veterinary surgeons in general practice who treat sheep only occasionally.

Major headings are: Health and disease; preparation for mating; manipulation of breeding; management during pregnancy; abortion; other diseases encountered during pregnancy; lambing time; care and welfare of newborn lambs; diseases of newborn lambs; pneumonia and other respiratory diseases; trace elements, minerals, vitamins and water; internal parasites; skin parasites of sheep; skin, eye and gum conditions; foot lameness; poisons and radioactivity.


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